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Pastors: How to Shepherd Our People from a Distance

Revive expert Fr. Mike Schmitz shares practical insights on the power of your message, the need for connection, and ways you can reach your parishioners during a time of distancing. Learn more about Fr. Mike’s full course on Revive

Funding the Mission in a Time of Crisis in the Church

Revive expert and fundraising professional Cande de Leon shares an inspiring message of hope and challenge for pastors and parish leaders wondering about how they will carry forward with asking for funds. Learn more about Cande’s full course on Revive

Living as Stewards in a Time of Trial

Revive expert Tracy Earl Welliver reflects on how Catholics (and especially parish leaders) should remain focused and grounded on how they can live a life of stewardship… even in difficult and uncertain circumstances. Learn more about Tracy’s full course on Revive

Keeping Millennials and Gen Zs Engaged in a Time of Uncertainty

Revive expert Katie Prejean McGrady offers practical suggestions and wisdom about the perspectives of young people and ways in which to help them be present and engaged in their faith during a challenging time. Learn more about Katie’s full course on Revive

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